That New Year Reflection Thing…..

There is something special about the New Year. I think about it and realize it could be ANY point in time but as a society we have chosen January 1. At this point I join the masses in reflecting on the year that was, and what is to come. There is a feeling of newness as, even though things are still in motion from before, I wonder what this year holds.

 Looking back….

You could say 2011 consisted of swim, bike, run, eat, sleep work. On the surface, yes. On another level while training for something that most people consider to be a time when they lose track of friends, I made some of the deepest and truest friends I have in a long time. Granted we were all training for the same thing together.

On December 27, 2010 I started a new job. I will have to say I love the people I work with. They are very supportive of me with my work questions and love for endurance sports. They even wrote two articles about me as I trained for IMAZ and sent me flowers after. Pretty amazing, especially as I am virtually connected and do not get to see my colleagues all that often. 

Random 2011 item: One phrase I heard in 2011 that just bothered me – bio-break. Really? Are we that cleansing of a society we can’t just call it a bathroom break? Or are they looking at smokers and trying to include them?  In that case, it’s chemistry and not biology causing that calling. You may as well just call it a break. Pretty simple. I may change my mind about this phrase, but as of now I do not foresee it becoming a part of my vernacular.

I also had one of my top two ever birthdays. The other one was when I was 16 and my boyfriend at the time went to a friend’s house and they surprised me with an eyeball cake. I loved it, and he was so proud. 2011 included a very small but wonderful surprise party with a few of my fantastic friends. And then some friends joined me on my actual birthday for an informal gathering. Yeah – this one ranks in the top two.

Looking forward….

I have decided to try for speed in 2012. There’s a lot that can happen. I may decide I don’t like it, I may get injured, I just may not be able to get speed. But, I am comfortable enough to decide to adopt the mantra “If you have never failed then you have never tried.” Time to try. And, I am comfortable enough to know that if I fail, my friends will not laugh or abandon me (and if they do – do they really deserve the title “friend” in my life?). This is a HUGE step for me finding comfort in life and with friends. Warm fuzzies just thinking about it!

I will be in a friend’s wedding! So excited. I guess that is because I have not been in many weddings, and my friend is VERY dear and I am very honored to be asked. So – in case anyone wanted to ask me to go do anything, the weekend of June 22 – 25 is already booked!

I have decided to try and keep beans and whole grains ready cooked as much as possible this year. So – if I run out, trying to get a cooked supply ready again within 24 hours (or within a reasonable time). This is so I make eating whole grains and beans much easier (along with veggies, naturally!). If they are prepared, I will eat them. Earth shattering? No. But, a health goal all the same.

2012 I hope to be another year of exploration – very different from 2011 though. I am looking for a balance between aiming for my goals and allowing things to happen and unfold.  That may be the tricky part!


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