I normally do not post much about my battle with an eating disorder. My previous post was a result of a wave of emotion and strength – I found out it was National Eating Disorder Awareness week and I wanted to speak out and say “It can be overcome. I am proof”.  I have found … More P.S.

This week

I just learned that this is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I am running a marathon March 4. In Napa, CA, the end of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. All of a sudden, the Napa marathon took on a whole new dimension for me. All of a sudden I was filled with a desire to … More This week


If you tri – you swim. How much depends on a lot of variables. I am typically swimming three times per week. In December, per the advice of Mary (my coach) I started swimming at an adult masters program. She said “I think you’ll like it.” Happily she is right. Typically we are divided in to groups: … More Swimming