What’s in a Color?

What’s in a color? More than I thought.

When you look at my race photos from about June 2012 on, I am often in a red tank top. Not every race I have raced wearing read has been a success, but a race has been a success more often than not in it!

On the run at Naples, FL

I love red: that bright, bold, strong, no holds barred red.

I have three thoughts going on here:  what red does, what it says and how it makes me feel.

What red does.

Or rather, what it doesn’t let me do!

Some colors blend and let a person hide in a crowd. Some do not. When I wear red I know I cannot hide. And I love that. I am not yelling “Look at me”, but I sure am not hiding. It’s taken me awhile to get the chutzpah to actually wear such a brazen color. But here I am. Amongst the common black, white, blue and green of tri tops red tops stand out. In Nashville my family was able to follow my swim path up and down the river, and even see me tangle with someone for space in the river in the swim!

What red says

I should add in “…to me”. The red I love is a no apologies, bold, strong, fast and happy red.

When I say no apologies I am not referring to behaving in a reckless manner and being inconsiderate. No. I mean I make no apologies for doing something I enjoy, working hard at it to excel, and sharing it with anyone who will listen!

I am making choices based upon the best tools I have available at this time. I will not always make perfect choices. But I can’t regret choices either. That is time and effort wasted. I can learn from them though. This, for me, is a very bold statement.

I train to be strong. I train to race strong. From fuel to my muscles to my mental attitude. It all comes together. And the strength is what will make me fast.

And I do what I do because it makes me happy in life.

And red, for me, embodies all these things.

How red makes me feel

This may almost be a repeat of the above. I wear red and I know I am not hiding. I know I am strong enough to handle that. And strong enough to do my best. And I am wise enough to learn from the good and bad from each training session and race and apply it to the next time.

Red makes me happy. It makes me smile

Now what?

Why say this? Why not?

What does it mean? Eh…not much really. I have a favorite color. Oh boy! But it means I get to have a little fun looking for items with red: sun glasses, water bottles, sports bra, RoadID, visor/hat….so many options.  I don’t need it all now or to wear it all at once, but it is a chance to have some fun.  Sadly shoes are limited. Maybe Nike will make my shoes in red one day? Doubtful.

Not to limit myself

I am an equal opportunity user of “bold color”

My bike – In my mind I look this fast!

My previous bike (which was a great bike and I loved riding it) was a complete blend color: soft grey and white. Now my bike is pure bold colors: carbon fiber black, a hard, steel gray (officially called gloss nickel) with orange as an accent color. All bold colors and not much blending (orange is actually another color I am enjoying wearing. Thanks, Ann, for introducing me to it!).  I am enjoying the color change with my new bike. The timing is perfect. I feel like when I ride her, I need to do justice to her potential, and the statement she makes.

OK – I do have a point

… a point beyond shopping for accent color items!

For me it is more about the fact that I spent a lot of my life wearing colors that let me blend and hide. And here I am starting to wear colors that stand out. And I am having fun doing it!

Wearing fun colors is an extension of the fun I am having and it makes me happy. And I have found most good things I learn in sports find a way to trickle in to my daily life.

I don’t have to race in red to have fun, but it’s a good mental image for me. And integrating it in to what I do gives me something to think about that’s a little different. So for now, I will enjoy it. And keep working to live up to the color!


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