Ironman Coeur d’Alene – a little background

Ironman Coeur d’Alene is my second ironman distance tri and the first where I have gone in with an aggressive racing goal and mentality.

After Ironman Arizona, after encouragement from friends and talking with my Ironteam coach Mary Doyle Smith, I decided to embark in a journey to qualify for Kona. I am realistic….it will be a 3-5 year journey at least. And I am about 1.5 years in to this journey.

That means for the past 1.5 years I have been working to train my body: following a training schedule, improving my nutrition, strength training for real, and slowly accumulating gear to let me compete against some amazing triathletes to reach for a dream.

Slowly my body has transformed (and has still farther to go). The difference of muscle definition between IMAZ and IMCDA is pretty striking.

Skeenah Gap ride
Skeenah Gap ride

Slowly my race mentality has started to build and grow. Once I hit the water it’s about the race and little else exists. My body knows what it needs to do. I know my nutrition plan so it can function. I know my strengths. I know I love to race.

I haven’t raced since the Hits series in Naples, FL in January due to a cycling accident I had, and the Iron Girl sprint I tried to race was rained out. I couldn’t let that phase me. I also couldn’t let my accident scare me from my goals.

Mary had given me a very aggressive goal and for the first time ever a goal didn’t freak me out. I was ready to see if it was time. And I knew that if not at IMCDA it will be mine soon. I was excited to go for it (and that excitement vs. fear is new!).

Carlos, my parents and a family friend, Sarah, were all out there. Sarah had been at IMAZ and had so much fun she wanted to come back. I count that up to Carlos’ great course navigation skills. She and Carlos were to help Mom and Dad with their first IM event. It’s a lot to take in your first time! And a long day for spectating.

So that’s the set up. Now to race!


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