About two weeks ago I had a track workout where I didn’t really hit my intervals. I didn’t take it too well, but rallied for my ride later that day. Two days later I had a very challenging brick repeat workout. My friend Anna and I actually had the same workout so we did it together. It was hard and as I went through it, I was asking my body to give and it gave what it had. It gave what it had, but I wasn’t hitting my intervals on the bike or run. Anna was fantastic and thanks to her I pushed through the last ride interval. Without her I may have thrown in the towel for the day…which….if you know me is a sign. I never contemplate stopping early. Or, it is very, very rare.

Anna and me post Brick Repeat workout. Tired but happy
Anna and me post Brick Repeat workout. Tired but happy

I uploaded my data and wrote my comments to my coach. Soon after she was calling me. Basically she said “you are tired. Your body is tired. You now have tomorrow off, and I have removed your ride on Tuesday and I don’t want you on a bike until Thursday. I have also changed your workouts to recovery effort. Take an Epsom salt bath tonight and take tomorrow off. Read. Sleep. Do nothing.”

She and I are alike in that we don’t do nothing well so to hear it from her was….surprising to say the least.

To have workouts removed and scaled back, I will admit, hurt my pride. Because I love what I get to do, and look forward to each workout. And I love to go.

I did take the Epsom salt bath. After I got out I swear my legs felt the worst they have ever felt, ever. Just lead. I have heard that this is how you are supposed to feel after a massage, but I have yet to hit that degree of fatigue my legs felt. I went to bed shortly after and was thinking “if my legs feel this bad tomorrow I am glad I don’t have a run!” Again, those of you who know me should be slightly surprised at this statement. I go. I recover. I go again. I rest (normally) because I know it means recovery and building back stronger, not because I am that tired. But….it does happen.

However, even if I didn’t see it, My coach did. And she called me on it. And I listened to her because once she said it I knew she was right. She is learning my signals: physical as well as written/stated. And thank goodness, because I sure as heck didn’t recognize it until she told me.

That Sunday I relaxed. I read a lot. I finished my book and cooked. That was about all. I may have even napped. That I can’t recall. But the point is….I didn’t do much. And I took the reduced workouts the next few days. And let my body and mind recover.

This made me realize, again, how much I love what I get to do. And just how amazing what my body (and anyone else, really, do does an endurance sport) lets me do. Almost daily I ask it to push limits. And somehow, it answers. Almost daily. Yes, often in the first 15 minutes of a workout I will wonder “Can I hit the intervals?” But somehow my body answers. It just does (most of the time!).  Think about it – that’s pretty incredible, for anyone (I think) working at something they love to do – especially in sports. And…it’s exciting! It absolutely amazes me.

So – no real point. Just I was tired. My coach caught the signals, and I rested. And I am amazed (and grateful) almost daily at what my body allows me to do. Really.

And so here we go – ready for my next build. Knowing the power behind rest and recovery.




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