Company Challenge Complete

Last post was about 10,000 steps. My company had a 6 week challenge to walk 10,000 steps daily. I knew that, even in the down season, 10,000 steps (or 10,000 step equivalents based on a step conversion chart) wouldn’t be hard.

But I used this as an opportunity to work on walking more in my daily life. I made it a goal to do at least 5,000 steps per day of non workout steps. And I did it! Some days it was tricky believe it or not. Which seems ridiculous. In the scheme of things, 5,000 steps isn’t that far; about 2.3 miles is all.

It was a lot of loops in the ~0.1 mile loop out my door. I got to chat with some of my neighbors during this. One neighbor asked me how far one loop was. She never joined me though.

There were days I would go out and walk, and when I looked, I was less than 1,500 from the 10,000 steps. Well, I can’t stop THAT close, so I would walk the 5 -6 laps to finish up. I mean – it was 12-14 minutes so why not?

I also found a way to help me with my insomnia. Often I don’t often sleep well after 2 or 3 am – I wake up and my mind goes, and it can take me an hour or more to quiet my thoughts. And then I wake more frequently, cycling in to my alarm it seems. For some reason, one night I got up, went outside (yes, at 2 or 3 am) and did three quick laps. Extra steps were good for the challenge, and I couldn’t sleep anyway. And when I came back my anxiety was quiet, and I fell asleep! And I never woke back up until the alarm went off. It was as if my sleep clock reset and I actually went back to sleep. So, now if I can’t fall back asleep in 15 minutes or so, I go outside and walk. And the result is I have been woken up by my alarm more often than in quite awhile. Whee! I hope this continues. But I will admit, I don’t love getting out of bed to walk. It seems counter-intuitive. Often times I just want to stay in bed and try and quiet my mind. But, this just works. I am stunned, but happy. Once it gets cold…this may be a real challenge.

fitbit  vs workout log for my coach
fitbit vs workout log for my coach

And keeping up with the extra steps I have incorporated may get a bit tricky once it is colder even in the day. There’s always an excuse, right? At least it won’t be simply stepping out the door. I’ll have to put on a jacket or sweatshirt (it gets cold here, but not winter jacket/mittens/gloves/scarf cold except very occasionally).

I will say I feel better when I walk more. I feel like my body recovers better. I feel more motivated, and find sitting at my desk a bit easier.

Also, I talked with friends whose companies are doing similar challenges. It was a great conversation opener.

The Fitbit site itself, is pretty basic, but it works. And I am not tracking my exercise there per say. But it does have active minutes, and I can log other exercise. And there is something in me that doesn’t like seeing 30 “active minutes” when I have ridden my bike or swam or ran for additional time., so I log it (for now). It is simple to do. The more in-depth and reflective log is saved for my coach!So…I think I will keep wearing my Fitbit and keep making sure I get in my 5,000 non workout steps. Only good things have happened so far.


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