Items I’ve owned since College

Recently I realized I have a few items from college. And these items are not memories that I hang on to, but useful – as in I use them frequently, and have since I had gotten them. And it is more than my ubiquitous sweatshirt.

For me this was a fun realizations. And so I started making a list.

  • Yup – towels. A bath sheet, 2 large towels and 1 (of 2) hand towels. The wash cloths didn’t make it this long. When I graduated from high school two of my aunts gave me Lands’ End Towels. They were the only towels I used in school. I did add a few more as an adult but those are mostly for company or when going to the gym or pool. My Lands’ End towels remain my favorite, and I use them almost daily, rotating them.

    2016-03-28 17.08.19
    One of three still useful bath towels. A little frayed but still soft, warm, and adsorbent.
  • A soup bowl. This was a high school graduation gift given to me by my sister. Carlos and I use this little gem near daily for more than just soup. In fact, I think it rarely has held soup. It is great for cereal, fruit, ice cream and just about any small dish item. It is rare we can go through a wash cycle without pulling this one from the dishwasher and washing it by hand to use it again. It’s that useful!

    2016-03-21 14.45.52
    Almost daily use for 22+ years!
  • That ubiquitous sweatshirt. Yup – people keep trying to replace it. Including me. And I wear others, but not after a workout. My Michigan sweatshirt remains my favorite for pre/post workouts.
  • Flannel shorts. 2 pair. I concede that the Eddie Bower ones are really thin and do have a hole in them, and Carlos would probably love for me to get rid of them. But they are to that ‘oh so comfy’ point. Yes, I can afford new shorts but these are just…soft. And when you are tired they just feel so good.

    2016-03-28 17.09.18
    The green plaid are a little worn and could likely go, but they are SO soft and comfy!
  • Flannel pants – like the shorts, they are a bit worn. The cuffs are ragged. But they are fine for sleeping and wearing to the pool on cold mornings. Who cares then? No one! Again, if Carlos had a vote he may remove those from my wardrobe, but then that would be the pot calling the kettle black. He also has several items from when he left Guatemala. Except he actually wears those out in to public!

    2016-03-28 17.09.27.jpg
    The cuffs are a little worn, but perfectly acceptable for pre-dawn morning walks to the pool
  • Collapsible drying rack. This was a staple in the house I shared with 6 other girls for 2 years, and before then. And it is still handy with all of my workout clothes as it has a lot of hanging options for a lot of clothes.

    2016-03-16 07.36.26
    Not sure what I would do without my drying rack!
  • Running pants. OK – I don’t use these often, but when I need them – boy are they great! They are for very cold weather so I only use them 1-2 times per year, and mostly when I head up North in the winter. And there have been a couple of years I haven’t needed them. But when I need them they are fabulous, and definitely fall in the category of useful since college.

    2016-03-29 07.16.40
    Not used often, but when I need them, boy are these fantastic! 

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