A few more things – pictures

A picture’s worth a thousand words. And for this trip I had many people taking pictures. So I actually have many that, when I look at them, I smile. Or laugh. And that is, to me, something worth sharing. So, without further ado….

I think this is my favorite picture from my trip to IMWC. Why? Betty’s face. Carlos is sweaty (I think they had him working harder than he expected), and even Rebecca is sweaty. It just shows the fun and work of cheering at an IM. I think Carlos will request my parents join to the next IM I do as the pace is a little more relaxed!
Rebecca and I often get asked if we are sisters. And sometimes twins. And on this trip we also got the comment that our mannerisms are the same. I’ve seen it in pictures, but in this one it just jumps out to you why people ask us if we are sisters. I’ll take that compliment any day. 
As silly as it looks, this picture just shows why it “just works” for me working with Matthew. He’s always relaxed. And I am a person that picks up on emotions from my coach. Since I tend to get anxious, having some one repeat to me “Mellow” frequently just works. I am grateful.
This is just way too cute. Walking with purpose.
I was so amazed by the beauty that, in our training ride, we actually stopped on our way down  from Hawi to take a picture. Breath taking
Goats! Along the Queen K you see signs for donkeys. We never saw donkeys, but we saw goats! Often. I always thought of the goats at Silk Sheets on the Ohno loop. Which, by the way, have been moved! Anyway, not sure if they are a pest or not, but seeing these goats made me smile. 
Vanity shot!! I love a good picture of me on my bike. Rebecca was riding next to me and took it while riding. We weren’t going full speed. Promise!
OK – so I had to include one picture post finish. 
Surrounded by friends. 
I have no recollection of what Carlos said, but it was something to earn a side-eye form me. And he has a look of the cat that ate the canary. Seriously – how can you look at this and not laugh?
Time to be silly. Carlos wanted to go to the lava tubes. After all his work, we were happy to oblige. It was pretty amazing in there.
In the lava fields after climbing out of a lava tube
Our last activity before heading to the airport. With time to kill we went to the beach and watched the sunset. 
More of Carlos on race day. OK – this should make me smile. And he is wearing the ‘credentials’. Really – they made it easy to take pictures throughout the trip. 
Rebecca leaning against the wind at our hotel. This was the day after IMWC! Pshew, right? 
A farewell hug before I head to the swim start on race morning.
Pointing out to Kailua Bay. I really enjoyed swimming there much more than I expected. 

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