FL 70.3

I have realized that every season, for me, is different. The ONLY thing I think i can count on: change. Which is good. The twist is what changes, and how I go with it. Each year I have done well, I think. And adapted to the circumstances. Has it all been completely smooth? No, but … More FL 70.3

Muncie 70.3

Due to car problems that started on the drive to Muncie, and on-going problem solving (such as how to get home with our gear and no car) I had almost decided to not race. But Carlos and my parents wouldn’t hear it. While I raced, they took care of speaking with the mechanic and getting … More Muncie 70.3

Ironman Santa Rosa

I went in to Santa Rosa hunting a race, and not a place. I decided in doing Santa Rosa again because strength begets strength, right? Or so Rebecca encouraged me to believe. And I wanted a strong race. That and my training buddy and friend and fellow adventurer qualified for Kona, and I wanted a … More Ironman Santa Rosa

Florida 70.3

It’s been awhile. I had a lot to process. And a few things going on. But without further ado….a race report. I had been nervous. Hadn’t  slept well. I kept worrying I’d forgotten something and wouldn’t be able to race. But I hadn’t. I was ready and wanted to race.  I couldn’t calm myself that … More Florida 70.3