FL 70.3 2017

As the race approached I was experiencing something different. I felt strong. I felt…confident. In that I could race and race strong. Which also brings a different feel too…more worry. What if I fail? But that’s where gratitude comes in. I’ve never felt I was in the wrong place. Right now I feel like I … More FL 70.3 2017

NYE Swim – 2016

For the fourth year in a row, I participated in, and completed, the Dynamo 10k NYE swim. This one was a little different. Due to activities at Dynamo on NYE, it was held the evening of December 30. We started swimming at 9 pm. December 30 is my birthday, and it was scheduled until 12:30 … More NYE Swim – 2016


There are plenty of articles that are terrific (and will list a few below) about insomnia. This piece is not to talk about good sleep hygiene, sleep culture in the US, or to go over what professionals are already saying.  Rather, it’s my story, and how, after reading articles and listening to podcasts, I put … More Insomnia

Muncie 70.3

This was the third year in a row I’ve done Muncie 70.3. I enjoy this race…the location (corn fields!!), that it’s well run, and it’s the one place I’ve broken 5 hours (2015). It’s also a race near where my parents live and they made the journey to join us. Before the race I was … More Muncie 70.3


I was ready. But sometimes…it’s a bad day. And mine was. I actually took all the changes and modifications before the race in stride. I was ready to race. It didn’t faze me. At first I was worried about all the turns on the modified bike course but I accepted them (and practiced before hand … More IMTX